What Makes The Kat Walk Mini

Different From Other ODT's?

No Special Harness Needed

Other ODT's will require special harnesses for different height and body types. This can require wasted setup time between users.

The Kat Walk Mini once again, breaks the barrier to a more functional and easy-to-use machine.

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Price & Functionality

A. Price

The Kat Walk Mini is not only the smallest and by far the least expensive ODT on the market.  This makes the "Mini" the first ODT  designed for residential use. Compared to its competitors starting at $6500!

B. Functionality

As mentioned above, the closest competitor is not only way more expensive, but it also is not nearly as functional. The footsteps are less natural, the halo gets in your arms way, they are more bulky, and not universally compatible. Also, with other ODT's, you can not crouch, sit, and jump like you can with the Kat Walk Mini!

Warranty & Support

A. 1 Year Warranty

There is a 1 year warranty on the mini platform. Other ODT's on the market generally only offer a 6 month warranty which covers almost nothing. For any real coverage, a special warranty is required at an additional cost.


KAT VR offers free remote tech support whenever needed. They can access your unit remotely and assist with any software related issues.

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