90 Day

Kat walk Mini

Weight Loss


April 14th - July 14th

Tune in Sunday, April 14th @ 12PM EST. Jake will introduce himself, inform viewers what to expect, do his first weigh-in, take before shots, and then start his first 1-hour gaming sesh! He will than continue to live stream his gaming for 1 hour daily for 90 days, while documenting the health benefits!


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            After hearing from many customers on how physically exhausting long game-play is, I learned that there was another practical use for these machines… they are not just gaming and training simulation devices, but also a piece of fitness equipment… They are around the same price point as a Peloton, but so much cooler and fun to use! You can now Game Hard while Getting Fit! Due to this realization, I have been promoting the health benefits of daily use of the Kat Walk Mini by informing consumers that using our machine is a great workout. Finally we are at a place where having fun playing games can intersect with a healthier lifestyle.


            Telling people about this finding is one thing, but as I look at myself in the mirror, taking fitness advice from me is like taking marriage advice from a 50 year old bachelor. I have been fit off and on my whole life… I have history of athletics such as competitive weight lifting, triathlon’s, and football, but currently struggle to find the motivation to get up and actually go to the gym. It is easy to let fitness and health fall out of priority with the monotony of daily life. Trying to grow and business while also attending Rutger’s night school for front and back end web development (coding) started to consume my life… Meanwhile my stomach kept growing and the scale kept going up.  IT WAS TIME! It was time for me to practice what I have been preaching… step up… and take my own advice. I feel that clearing your daily routine for 1 hour in the gym can someone feel stressful mentally… but I asked myself… could I find 1 hour a day to play video games? The answer was absolutely.

          With this conclusion, I decided to put myself through a 90 Day Kat walk Mini Challenge and document the health benefits. In this challenge I will record and live stream myself using it for 1 hour every day for 90 days. I will spread awareness of what this thing is capable of and inform people of this new and exciting option to get their daily exercise and step count in. I am going to give my viewers raw and completely unfiltered results. I will broadcast it in real time daily, while every Sunday showing off my body (not excited about it), weigh myself on camera, and provide measurements for Resting Heart Rate BPM, Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Hips, and Thighs  (will do before stream and put on board). I will be doing all of this from my home office in Bayonne, NJ.


   I am not going on any specific diet, but simply plan to be more conscious of what im eating and make an effort to make better decisions. Also, for my workout routine, I plan to simply play games and have fun. I will actually not only be playing games that I consider is a workout. The concept for me is that you don’t have to THINK about a workout routine... just play your favorite games, have fun, and get an added bonus of watching the scale go down. I truly believe that if advancements like this keep improving, the next generation of gamers will be athletes!